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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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officially filed an appeal of the ruling today. attorneys have until tomorrow to submit written arguments on whether judge walker should lift the stay he imposed on his own ruling. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in san francisco to walk us through how this will unfold. >> reporter: those in favor of same sex marriage are wondering when they can come down here to san francisco city hall and get a marriage license. i talked to legal experts today and they say that could take a couple of years. >> as long as we get there. we have to get there. then it will be our personal choice. >> reporter: for joe tran it doesn't matter how long it takes. tran and his partner, richard, have been together three years. they're not married but would like to have the option to tie the knot some day. >> we would have the freedom to choose by then. if we cared to get married legally or not. >> reporter: the question is how long will the legal wrangling
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take? yesterday judge walker lifted the ban on same sex marriage two years after california voters decided to make it illegal. but now an appeal is in place by those who want traditional marriage to be law. >> i guess the fight has to go on no matter what. >> reporter: how long will that be? you can look at states like vermont and massachusetts where gay marriage is legal. beth robinson headed up the legal team to fight for same sex unions in vermont. the fight went on for 12 years. >> i don't have any doubt whether it's through courts or back at the ballot box that we'll get there in california. >> technically the case took three years in massachusetts. certainly there were people who thought they would never see it in their lifetimes. >> reporter: for hudkins it is important to see a change in the marriage laws in his lifetime. >> probably the straight community doesn't even know there's discrimination. in terms of property transfer on
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death or visitation in hospitals and that kind of stuff. >> reporter: now, judge walker has given both sides to put their paperwork in for their legal fight and that stay will be in place until he can review the appeals process. reporting live in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. new details are emerging tonight in the case of the concord man arrested in the fifth bull attack that left a toddler dead. he pled guilty today in contra costa county court to felony child abuse charges. he owned five pit bulls all of which have been destroyed. in a jail house interview he admitted he knew one of the dogs had killed a pet chihuahua about a year ago but today it was revealed that those pit bulls had also killed a large dog and a pet bird. the dogs are also said to have shown aggression towards the 2-year-old victim and his older brother before the attack last month. he remains in custody tonight.
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the brother of a san francisco giants player was charged with four felonies today in connection with the dui rampage in danville. police say 23-year-old cainin schierholtz hit a bicyclist and pedestrian pedestrian sunday morning. no one was seriously injured. in court today his attorney said schierholtz feels terrible about what happened and is set to enter a plea on august 19th. he is the brother of giants outfielder nate schierholtz. there is a reward tonight for information about decapitated animals discovered in san jose. the organization in defense of animals is offering $2500 to anyone who can help police nab those responsible for decapitating three goats. a jogger made the discovery near the allen rod park entrance on saturday. chicken feathers were also discovered near the goat bodies. animal control officers were investigating the case and whether it could be linked to a
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religious sect that relies on animal sacrifices. they say it appears the animals weren't killed there but the remains were boxed and dumped along the trail. it is one big cone zone in san francisco tonight. commuters say they're faced with detours and traffic at every turn. we investigated and figured out there is a higher than normal number of construction projects under way. traci grant is live in the studio to find out what is going on. >> reporter: jessica, there is a construction project behind me illustrating the wide array of people impacted by the road work going on in san francisco. take a look. now, pedestrians have been carefully crossing over that wooden place on the sidewalk and then that work also spills into the bike lane and on to the road so that means drivers and cyclists are cruising over the same, bumpy roads. that situation is similar all across the city. >> i've done lots of finger
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gestures. had one this morning. >> reporter: navigating around a few orange barriers on daniel grace's short walk back to the office it doesn't compare to what he has been encountering behind the wheel during his commute from san francisco. >> just my commute home, getting out of downtown, it's like a quagmire every day. >> people are getting very angry and a little frustrated with all the road work and each other. >> reporter: some drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians say they're fed up with the headaches of lane closures and detours that have taken over the city. streets are being torn up in the financial district. barriers hug the curves where disabled ramps are being put in. cars squeeze into whatever space is left on the roads where water mains are being replaced. >> it seems like they should do one street at a time and just -- it's tough. it takes a while. >> reporter: if it seems like more road work than usual you're right. federal stimulus money has put more cash into the department of public works so more construction projects are under
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way than in many years. more than twice the amount available just a few years ago will be used this year. >> if we can help continue to minimize the impact, let us know what we can do better and how to improve. >> reporter: dpw says usually residents forget the inconveniences once they finally feel the smooth road beneath them. >> specifically, taking a big, deep breath before i get home and maybe leave five minutes early so i'm not late picking up the kids. >> reporter: well, it's not just the department of public works ripping up the streets out here. san francisco's public utilities commission is attempting to spend most of its budgeted $90 million to finish up dozens of water and sewer projects before the rainy season sets in. we talked to a construction worker today who said that these projects are giving him more days of continuous work than he's had in a long time. live in san francisco, traci
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grant, nbc bay area news. >> all right, traci. tonight the search is on for two men suspected of shooting and killing a teenage boy at millbrae high school. police say 19-year-old jared affu was shot and stabbed multiple times around 11:30 last night at mills high school. he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say they are in the process of interviewing witnesses and right now police are searching for two men. one is described as simoan, 18 or 19, 6'2", around 130 pounds. the other is said to be a pacific islander between 22 and 23 years of age about 6'1" weighing 180 pounds. a san francisco irs agent is on paid administrative leave tonight after police say she shot one of two men who tried to rob her. it happened after midnight in san francisco's bayview hunter's point district. the irs says the investigator was on duty but is not releasing any other details. police say two men approached her and demanded money. the agent pulled her gun and opened fire striking one man who
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was rushed to a hospital. he will survive the hospital says. the irs confirms that its special criminal investigators are armed. pretending to be cops east bay police searching for two men who used disguises and stun guns during a brazen home invasion. it happened last night before midnight. >> around that time two suspects entered the residence through unsecured, sliding glass doors. identified themselves as police and they were also wearing some police insignia. told everybody to get on the floor and basically robbed them while they were inside the house. >> the fake cops got away with electronics including a big screen tv. investigators believe the suspects knew the victims or at least the layout because they were in and out in just three minutes. the mother of sarah shourd one of the american hikers held in an iranian prison says her daughter is sick but not getting medical attention. nbc bay area's damian trujillo
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is in the newsroom. she got the information firsthand, damian? >> she did. she was able to speak with her daughter on monday via telephone. it was a short conversation but nora shourd says her daughter is not in good health. she says her daughter told her about a breast lump and a precancerous cervical cells. shourd remains in solitary confinement in an iranian jail. she has been there for more than a year after the military arrested her and two friends. the trio was hiking near the iranian border and iran is accusing them of being spies. shourd says iran is denying her daughter medical treatment. she asked the united nations to intervene so her daughter can get the treatment and be released from confinement. sarah shourd is also asking for a cellmate. right now she is only allowed to go outside for one hour every day. iran did allow the trio's mothers to visit their children in may. at this hour there is no word on whether the u.n. will intervene. damian trujillo, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you. there is a surge in teens taking mental health counseling at peninsula schools. the nonprofit adolescent counseling services launched an intense campaign following a recent string of teen suicides in palo alto. most of them were at one local railroad crossing. the agency says it's good news to see more kids opening up. it provided some 500 more on campus counseling sessions this most recent school year. the schools also saw a 22% increase in students who admitted to counselors in pretreatment analysis that they've actually thought about suicide. still ahead at 6:00 why olive oil is being taken to court because of a new lawsuit here in california. we all know about startups in garages. coming up we'll take you for a drive in a startup that wants to end up in your garage. and we'll show you the massive effort to help homeless veterans in the east bay.
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i'm garvin thomas live inside the south hall of the san jose convention center. a marijuana trade show if you will starts tomorrow. we'll show you what you can see and what you can't do. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the mild summer continues. 75 in san jose. only 61 in san francisco.coin com.g up reco'l cold coming up.
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a convention on cannabis the first ever in the south bay begins tomorrow at san jose convention center. it's called hemp-con. organizers predict about 15,000 people will walk through the doors over the next three days. what are they going to see and what can't they do? nbc bay area's gar vin thomas is
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live inside the south hall to show us what's going on. >> reporter: well, tom, today they've been busy setting up booths for the hundred plus vendors that are going to show up. there is a booth for a group called green acres, med-mar healing center, something called the 420 college. what are these? this is a convention where people can learn anything about medical marijuana. they can learn about pot clubs. they can learn about how to grow it at home. there's even a booth here for a lawyer who specializes in marijuana. issues of course in all of this one thing they will not be able to do is smoke marijuana. when you have just one day to set up for an event bringing in 15,000 people, you got to move fast. but come to think of it these days everything when it comes to marijuana is moving fast. in fact, it was just a couple years ago the director of this event was asked to run a similar convention and you know what he said? >> i said you're crazy. >> reporter: but now edwin kwan says attitudes are changing as
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quickly as the industry is growing. this is his second hemp-con with at least two more booked for different cities. still, there are hurdles to running a pot convention one doesn't encounter with others. for example kwan asked the city if he could set up a self-medication tent in the hall. they said no. so now any smoking will have to take place 25 feet from the building. he also asked san jose police if they would like to provide security. they said no. so he'll be hiring private security. with that in mind we had to ask team san jose, the folks who run the san jose convention center, why they said yes to such a controversial convention. >> in terms of us making a judgment, if you will, based on sort of the nature of an event we tried desperately not to do that. >> reporter: what team san jose says they do base it on is is the convention able to deliver the visitors to san jose it promised it will and does it run
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a smooth event? also they are interested in getting onboard with growing industries of course cannabis being one of them. in the past two years the number of pot clubs just in san jose alone has gone from zero to now more than 70. reporting live from san jose, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. is the campaign double talk? it turns out the democratic candidate for governor jerry brown has used a state-owned plane to fly despite pleas that state government should eliminate those luxuries. a review by the associated press found brown used the turboprop plane at least nine times over the past year. his spokesperson says he only used it three times on official business, once to attend the funeral of a chp officer, and never for campaign events. brown, though, has promoted the use of commercial airlines and has blasted his opponent meg whitman for flying on chartered planes. an unusual tent city has popped up in pleasanton this week. over the next few days it'll serve as the temporary home for hundreds of homeless and needy
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veterans. nbc bay area's joe rose ato sho us they are being served by an army of caring people. >> reporter: they are veterans of the nation's military. some saw vietnam, some the philippines, others iraq. but after coming to the aid of their country, many are now in need of a bit of help themselves. >> you have to take care of your veterans. they're there for you. when they come back, you know, you should have a door open. >> reporter: sabrina spent seven years in the army before winding up homeless in oakland. today she brought her son chase to the alameda county fairgrounds for east bay stand down. >> coming here you get straight with yourself. if you need it, you would get in here. >> reporter: every year the fairgrounds are transformed into a tent city of military green. there is medical treatment, legal and social services, all aimed at helping vets get back on their feet.
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>> every one of these guys in here that served their country deserves the best we can do. >> reporter: hard times have found vietnam veteran mike richardson. but today he got a hair cut and a rare bit of pampering. >> i'd rather not be in this situation but it's very nice that these guys volunteer their time. those are the heroes. >> reporter: carl hill got a stack of new clothes and a new pair of shoes and a chance to sort out some legal problems. >> here it's looking fine. it's easier to run tent to tent than up and down the highway county to county. >> you may take for granted a haircut or a shower but for people who don't have these amenities at their finger tips, it means a lot. >> reporter: the vets will spend the weekend camping in tents, breaking bread together, and swapping stories with the rare souls who see what they have seen. coming together with the hope their toughest battles are behind them. joe rosato jr. nbc bay area news. >> it runs through sunday and
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more than 400 veterans are expected to attend. let's take our first look at weather this evening. jeff ranieri is standing by. the weekend is coming our way. >> it's been pretty comfortable throughout this past week but for the past month or so it's been all about the summer time cooling. san jose the coolest since 1958 when it comes to july temperatures. santa rosa in the top five coolest for summer so far and san jose now ranking in the top ten at number nine. so we'll likely see more records as we continue throughout this cooling trend that looks to stay in place over the next five days or so. you thought it was cool yesterday? well, we've already dropped another five to six degrees in the past 24 hours here for our inland spots and that certainly is a sign that this is not going to be going anywhere as we head into tomorrow's forecast. here is the marine layer offshore at about 2,000 feet so that's already starting to push back in to our interior sections
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right now. only 61 in san francisco. 72 in redwood city. just 75 in san jose. 77 in livermore. 66 in san rafael. 72 for your high there in napa. overall about 10 to 15 degrees off the mark across the bay area. here is a look outside right now. can't see much from oakland because there's been so much fog that's already moved in across the bay right now. temperature of 63 degrees in oakland. and humidity at 67%. so one thing this cool hair has done is lower our fire danger. that's the good news. we'll see the steady stream of slightly cooler air aloft mixing with the fog offshore to help keep temperatures down as we head once again into tomorrow. overall upper 40s and low 50s to start off your friday. by the noon hour temperatures still below average with 60s to near 70 degrees across most of the bay area. we'll get some sunshine in here for our inland spots as we head into about 11:00 a.m. but low clouds for everyone and a lot of fog at the coast line. we'll have details on what 80-degree temperatures will come
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back. i know that seems hot right now. in my seven-day forecast. >> well, that is a persistent fog bank, jeff. thank you. do you know the way to downtown san jose? the marketing team at the downtown condo tower called 88 is hoping food might do the trick. two cafe carts are set up in front of 88 serving gourmet food and trying to cook up interests in downtown living. the slow economy and weak job market have scared away a lot of prospective buyers so getting people to see what downtown has to offer is considered critical. >> ultimately we're here to promote downtown living so we're 50% sold here, a very good track, so we just basically want to create events that will bring our demographics downtown. we have a lot of workers who are very busy, all online. the food cart craze is sort of twittering and facebooking and it's really working. >> the sidewalk chefs will be serving lunch on thursdays from noon to 2:00.
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>> shouldn't it be lunching? what's behind the record spike in meat prices. >> also coming up the major changes that could soon be approved for debit card use in california. why supporters say current laws gouge consumers. there may be a hole in your tcple. it.who patch it. mom, did you borrow my green shirt? ♪ that's not really my style, honey. weird, i can't find it. ♪ [ female announcer ] new tide original with acti-lift technology helps remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. hey! you found it. yeah, it must have been hiding in my closet.
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the capital of silicon valley is also the capital of solar power. the public utilities commission reports today that san jose leads the state in solar installations. city leaders and a congressman led a flip the switch ceremony joining up solar panels for power integration in san jose. the latest company to soak up the sun. the 600 kilowatt array will save the company $180,000 a year and help keep jobs and technology in the south bay. >> a great san jose company that's growing, adding jobs,
6:25 pm
looking for another building. it's exciting to see them selling products to the world, energy efficiency products that will help us with our economic objectives, help san jose with its green vision goals, and creating jobs. >> it'll power the entire office building and cut 10,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over 25 years. it's going to be a little tougher than expected to brighten up our economy. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here to tell us exactly why. >> despite the last story and good for them we still haven't seen all of that much of an improvement when it comes to new jobs. in fact today brought more bad news on that front. a rise in the number of people filing for unemployment benefits for the first time with tomorrow's overall job numbers likely to show a fairly stagnant picture of our economy investors didn't see much reason to continue buying. the recent wall street rally turned into wait-and-see mode and the major indices fell slightly today. apple trying to patch up a security risk. the cupertino company says
6:26 pm
hackers could gain access to your iphone, i-pad, or i-touch by luring you to a fake website. apple says it's working on a software fix for the hole. no release date yet. google likely on the way to court to defend itself in a lawsuit filed by a former employee claiming age discrimination. the california supreme court agreed today that brian reid's complaint should not have been dismissed. this could lead to a trial. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. food stamp use is skyrocketing in sonoma county. officials say almost 26,000 people received foodstamps in the county in june. that is a 77% increase over the past two years. the trend reflects record national enrollment figures for the federal food program with more than 40 million americans now getting the stamps. credit or debit. we hear it all the time. did you know that debit option can cost you more? that may not be the case for long. state senator jenny oripeza of long beach introduced a bill to
6:27 pm
make it illegal for merchants to charge the debit card fees. the measure was approved by the senate last month. the full assembly is now considering the bill. debit transaction fees usually range between 45 cents and a dollar. still ahead the musician running for the president of his home country. >> also coming up it's very fast and certainly unusual. we'll show you the bay area man with a vision and a boost from jay leno. >> operation gang busters. a parole agent says police are sweeping the east bay today looking for dangerous gang members causing problems. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have the story, coming up. also, bp moves a step closer to sealing that damaged oil well for good. we'll show you what's going to happen next. and the final vote today on elena kagan's nomination to the supreme court. how the president is reacting. [ male announcer ] presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event. a fantastic opportunity to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac model. like the cts sport sedan. the most acclaimed vehicle in its class
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gang members are on notice tonight as parole agents and police crack down on ex-cons with gang ties. officers in seven east bay cities paid surprise visits to more than a hundred homes today as part of operation gang busters. as nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows us it's part of a new effort to crack down on the state's most dangerous parolees. >> i was a gang member. >> reporter: after a gang lifestyle landed him behind bars 22-year-old mark morris says he is ready to turn things around. and this gps ankle bracelet is helping him do that. >> it helps me think about staying out of trouble away from more people. >> reporter: it's all part of a new push to crack down on dangerous parolees. both with gps and with surprise sweeps. this morning parole agents and police targeted more than a hundred east bay gang members in operation gang busters arresting
6:31 pm
48 gang affiliated parolees and other criminals found with guns, drugs, and stolen property. >> this sends a message that they cannot and should not engage in any illegal activity because we're watching and we're going to make sure they meet their parole conditions. >> reporter: parole agents say they are able to zero in on more serious offenders thanks to a new law that's taken thousands of low risk parolees off of supervised parole. >> and the purpose and reason behind it is to focus our efforts on the most serious and violent offenders especially in a time when the state has limited resources and limited funds. >> reporter: parolees getting outfitted with gps admit they feel more pressure to leave their gang paths behind and now that morris is being monitored 24/7, he says he's determined to walk the strait and narrow. >> i think it's good for society. >> reporter: in the east bay, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. san francisco today announced its own program to
6:32 pm
crack down on two warring gangs in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. the city attorney is seeking a civil injunction establishing a so-called safety zone. 41 named gang members would be banned from involvement in graffiti, vandalism, even loitering. the proposed area would be bounded by visitation avenue, hahn street and the borders of the sunnydale housing development. the city has been granted gang injunctions three times prior. u.s. attorney general eric holder today announced charges against 14 people for seeking to support or join the somali based terror group al shabab. 12 of the cases are from minnesota where holder says the muslim community has been supportive in trying to stop the spread of radical islam among younger muslims. one of the cases? alabama. the final one? california. almost everyone involved, u.s. citizens. >> these arrests and charges should serve as an unmistakable warning to others considering joining or supporting terrorist
6:33 pm
groups like al shabab. if you choose this route you can expect to find yourself in the united states jail cell or to be a casualty on a somali battle field. >> the government has designated al shabab a foreign terrorist organization with ties to al qaeda. elena kagan was confirmed this afternoon as the justice of the u.s. supreme court. she'll join two other women on the nation's highest judicial bench. big cases lie ahead and big questions about kagan's role. >> the nomination is confirmed. >> five republicans joined all but one democrat to vote yes. president obama said he was especially pleased as the father of two girls. >> for nearly two centuries there wasn't a single woman on our nation's highest court. when elena takes her seat on that bench for the first time in our history there will be three. >> conservatives complained kagan was an advocate but never a judge. >> i fear she will continue putting her politics above the
6:34 pm
law. >> democrats called kagan main stream. >> and about practical experience, wow. she has it. >> dean of harvard law school, a top white house lawyer, will kagan have less or more success than federal liberal john paul stevens whom she is replacing in winning over swing justice anthony kennedy? >> you can't tell. sometimes there is an unpredictable personal thing that happens on the court. the people mix is a little bit different. >> reporter: liberals are concerned. >> kagan's ability to follow in his foot steps and bring kennedy over is what they need for a fifth vote because they only have four solid members of the liberal block on the court. >> reporter: ahead could be cases on gun rights, arizona's tough immigration law, the obama health care plan, government surveillance, the war on terror, and gay marriage. kagan is the fourth woman ever
6:35 pm
to serve on the supreme court. the house being called back from vacation to approve $26 billion in emergency aid to states. some $10 billion could go to school districts and the rest would be used to fill other state budget caps. supporters say it could save the jobs of 300,000 teachers, police, and firefighters. the senate did approve the bill today. house speaker nancy pelosi called the house back from break so they can vote on the bill next week. the days of medicare are uncertain tonight. a new report shows the hospital fund for elderly americans will likely stay afloat until 2029. a dozen years longer than recent estimates. the new health care overhaul is already being credited with making medicare more efficient which is anticipated to save more money but if it doesn't yield the predicted savings some caution medicare could run out a lot sooner than today's reports suggest. >> it's done. engineers say they have finished plugging the blown out well in the gulf of mexico with cement.
6:36 pm
it's another mile stone in the long process to fix the damaged well but as nbc bay area's jay gray reports there is still plenty of room for concern. >> reporter: this afternoon engineers finished pumping in cement to seal the well from the top and now there is a growing sense the flow of oil may finally be over. >> this is not the end but will virtually assure us there will be no chance of oil leaking into the environment. >> reporter: struggling fishermen meeting in alabama phrase it a bit differently. >> wicked witch of the west is dead. >> reporter: but for many the problems and frustrations from almost three months of crude pouring into the gulf are still very much alive. >> i'm excited about the well being capped but my neighbor whose fixing to lose his home and close his business, it don't mean a whole lot to him. >> reporter: there continue to be lingering questions about exactly how much oil is still in the water. government scientists say 75% of the 207 million gallons from the spill is gone now but those who work and live on the water
6:37 pm
aren't so sure. >> i think they're jumping the gun away too quick. >> reporter: they worry there is still crude weighed down by chemical dispersants well below the surface. >> they never should have put the dispersant on to begin with. that's why they wanted it all to sink so you can't see it. >> reporter: what most can see now is there's been significant progress in sealing the leak, a chance after 108 days to at least take a breath. >> i think we can all breathe a little easier regarding the potential we'll have oil in the gulf ever again but we need to ensure the people of the gulf and the people of the united states that this thing is properly finished and that will be through the bottom. >> reporter: a bottom kill that is likely still a couple weeks away. jay gray, nbc news, venice, louisiana. still ahead tonight the skinny on bacon and what's behind the sharp spike in prices. and the olive oil controversy. the research that has led to a lawsuit in california. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
6:38 pm
ranieri. another cool summer day with only 75 in san jose and just 63 in oakland. it's been decades since we've been this cool this long.avai ds n we'll have details on when it may warm, comip. uwe
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6:40 pm
hip hop star wyclef jean has filed papers to run for the presidency of haiti. jean traveled to port-au-prince today to file that work. he wants to help his country he says after the devastating quake in january killed some 300,000. there could be a hitch. he left haiti when he was 9 and he may not qualify under the country's residency laws. some prominent chefs are cooking up a firestorm over the extra in extra virgin olive oil. the cooks including one from bravo's top chef are suing olive oil distributors and retailers in california claiming many oils
6:41 pm
are mislabeled as more expensive grades. the lawsuit comes after a recent uc davis study found nearly 69% of imported oils did not meet the standard for extra virgin. brands include bertoli and rachel ray. well, your next blt might cost you about double. if you love bacon you probably noticed prices are up because u.s. producers cut their hog herds to offset their losses over the next two years. wholesale pork bellies which are cured and sliced to make bacon are up 72% in cost over the past year. that's leading to the highest bacon prices since at least 1998. >> all right. oh, here he is. were you busy having a blt? >> i had one today. >> you did? >> yes. >> i haven't had a blt in a long time. >> i wondered why i paid so much. now i know. >> a blt should be three bucks. >> exactly.
6:42 pm
>> we are seeing something we haven't seen in a little while. the head coach smiling. remember last year? that disaster? all the legal stuff he was going through? he is also lifting weights. we'll take you to that but we'll check in with jerry rice. 48 hours and counting until one of the biggest days in his life. tiger woods, what did you do today? take a bow. jeff? well, we've got more fog in the golden gate bridge, a lot of traffic as well. we'll let you know how long this cool august weather is going to lbeting coming up. c
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6:44 pm
startups in a garage. sound familiar? a long standing silicon valley tradition. >> ah, but a twist tonight. our business and tech reporter scott budman found someone who started in the garage and who wants to put an unusual car in your garage. >> reporter: he runs a startup but not out of a traditional office. it's a car company and one look shows you that this is no traditional car. it's called the prawn, a three-wheeled mix between a car and a motorcycle. it's very fast and very unusual. >> driving down 101, i mean, people are taking out their camera phones and snapping pictures and, you know, driving all over the place.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: he started the company after being laid off. now his vision is taking off. >> i'm kwan. how are you? where are you from? >> santa clara. >> reporter: thanks to a boost from a talk show host known to love cars. jay leno gave the vehicle a test run on his website. tens of thousands of clicks later kwan's phone is ringing. >> to be on "leno" is the ultimate for any car company. it's really opened a lot of doors. >> reporter: so he has the car you might build if you could. his next step is to sell you one. >> from day one we wanted to do something that was very striking visually but also affordable. an option for people who may not have dot com fortunes. >> ready for primetime, ready for your garage. in santa clara, scott budman,
6:46 pm
nbc bay area news. >> what won't they think of next? they're ready to sell the cars ranging from $25,000, the one you put together, to the $39,000 version that's ready to roll. >> it looks very cute but i couldn't find any place for my handbag or dry cleaning or anything. >> would you really going down 101 -- >> yeah. >> you have to drive it first. >> probably leave the ac out as an option. >> the handbag is the issue, people. all right. >> find a spot for the handbag. how about plenty of cooler temperatures across the bay area? whether you like them or not they are here to stay not only for tomorrow but for the next couple days. here's a look at today's highs and how far we were off the mark. one of the biggest extremes here in the east bay, livermore at 77. your typical high this time of the year 90 degrees. now other conditions today that were cool, 72 in redwood city. only 75 in san jose. we should be in the mid 80s this
6:47 pm
time of the year. then you head up to the north bay and just 66 in san rafael with upper 60s and low 70s throughout napa and sonoma valley. now current temperatures already starting to plummet near the coast line. we have the fog. we're used to the cool conditions. this is cold. this is falling temperatures in san francisco at 55. people out with jackets on the streets. 63 in hayward. and close to the 60s at this hour in livermore. really unbelievable for this time of the year as we have already set into some record summer cooling across the bay area. for tomorrow still about ten degrees below average as we'll stay mild with plenty of 70s and so far summer continues to stay away and our seven-day forecast. here is the fog continuing up at about 2,000 feet. this is about three weeks in a row now of the fog staying put here off the coast line. then you combine in the very weak disturbances helping to drag down some cooler air in the northwest and it's really that one-two combination once again helping to keep temperatures
6:48 pm
below average. and really another big contributor is high pressure. that normally sits over california this time of the year and really heats us up but it's so far out in the pacific it's having little influence on us here across california. we'll stay mild as we head throughout friday and also saturday with plenty of widespread 70s with summer staying away for your weekend at this point. let's get you into tomorrow morning. we'll start off chilly here for this time of the year with upper 40s in santa rosa. 48 in san rafael. 49 in gilroy. and only the upper 40s there throughout the peninsula. our spot that's normally warm at least for lately, you're still going to be here in the 70s. cool for your standards tomorrow. 77 in los çviqgatos. 70 in redwood city. 69 in san mateo. 64 in san francisco. and 63 in richmond. i've been hearing from a lot of you. while this has been nice lately people are starting to want some of that summer heat back. we'll get a look at that in a second on our seven-day forecast. meanwhile catch any of this any
6:49 pm
time you want on the weather channel on cable. here's your seven-day forecast. we stay with 70s into august all the way through monday and then we crank up the heat just a smidge. get into thursday, very warm 84 degrees, guys. >> cool. >> better than we've had. >> yeah, it is. >> thank you. you know, tom, cable watch has a whole different connotation. >> poor guy, we ran him out of town. said he was fired many times. >> but like the eye of the tiger -- >> he's in. >> last year we were spending more time with the napa district attorney than with raiders head coach tom cable. cable was a mess accused of assaulting one of his assistant coaches and his ex-wife. we got to know gary lebersteen the napa da pretty well last summer. just a few months ago he was on a yo-yo string debating whether to fire him.
6:50 pm
we had the parking lot video. cable has not only survived but is thriving. how do we know? he is smiling for the first time in three years. here's nbc from training camp in napa. >> reporter: this season it's the new raiders and the new tom cable. >> he's been getting back in shape and working out and you can see the guys just changing appearances. we've been here what, three years together. >> reporter: and the change goes beyond the physical in cable's second full season as the raiders' head coach. >> we talked about it the first couple days. this is my team and we go at it together. >> the players are more comfortable, tom is more comfortable. it can only be positive. >> reporter: oh, what a difference a year makes. with no assault charges to worry about and a new offensive coordinator in hue jackson to help shoulder the load cable is free to focus fully on the job at hand. >> the first day we had meetings he said, look. we're a football team and people are starting to see that by what
6:51 pm
we've done in the off-season and the way we're practicing and preparing. people are starting to grab ahold of that. >> he's doing a great job with us but it also helps coach cable be able to oversee the whole team. you know, you can feel that he's really doing that well. >> reporter: perhaps one of the most obvious indications that cable is feeling more comfortable out here this season, his behavior on the field. from running with the team to even catching some balls, it's something the players have noticed. >> any time you get a coach out there, running around, the players are talking trash, makes things a lot better for us. >> the coaches and players enjoy each other and that's part of it. you need to keep in touch that way. >> the goal is to show that we're all team and everybody is the same. no one is above anyone else and when the head coach is doing that it's a big statement for everyone. >> reporter: it could lead to an even bigger statement to the rest of the nfl. with the raiders in napa, nbc bay area sports. >> thank you, laura. keep in mind nowadays fortunes change quickly in the
6:52 pm
nfl. the raiders can very well compete for a playoff spot. one week from tonight their preseason opener in dallas against the cowboys. 48 hours from now one of the biggest days in the life of jerry rice. a hall of fame football player to us but a loving father to his three children on the peninsula. >> the most rewarding thing about being a father is to watch your kids grow and look forward to, you know, your kids making their mark in this world. you know, teaching them to be disciplined and always give 100% so i'm just like any other dad. i'm just like any other parent. i'm there for support and with my kids today they know that they can come to me and talk to me about any subject and i'm just there for them. >> a great relationship with his children. two daughters, one just graduated from georgetown, and a son jerry rice jr. who is a walk-on football player at ucla. they will all be on hand in ohio
6:53 pm
this weekend for the hall of fame induction. we will also be there with jerry. let's get the giants baseball. as it stands right now two playoff teams, giants and braves in atlanta. bottom of the sixth inning tim lincecum gives up the home run here to eric kinske. this game just now final. the giants losing in atlanta to the braves 3-2. finally tonight we'll get to golf, the world's number one ranked golfer turns in his worst ever round at the firestone country club in ohio, talking tiger woods, 4 over par 74. he is the defending champion of the tourney. he did make a birdie putt and what did he do? kind of boxed everyone in a playful way. says i'll take a bow. i will take a bow. he is in 70th place out of 81 golfers. >> really. >> get the impression he's about to explode? >> your daughters golf. they should go out and teach him
6:54 pm
a few things. >> maybe not. i don't think i want my daughters near him. >> oh, moving right along. ockba t the controversy straight out of the wild west history. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generatoen dofs. tonight at 11:00 free i-pads for all, sort of. see which bay area school is trading textbooks for
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technology. also, bad economy, good opportunity. the unique way some are making money and getting free health care in the process. we'll have the stories and more after "law and order" right here on nbc bay area news. there is an unusual lobbying effort in new mexico where opposition is mounting against pardoning the famous outlaw billy the kid. the grandchildren and great grandchildren of pat garrett the sheriff who killed him in 1881 spoke with governor bill richardson yesterday. richardson is considering a pardon promised to billy the kid in return for his testimony about a deadly feud called the lincoln county war. that pardon was never delivered. garrett's descendents complained that a pardon could cast doubt on garrett's honor. so it all continues. >> wow. the drama continues. i see a sequel to the movie. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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